Hemp Processing Service in Gibraltar

The Hemp Clinic now offers hemp processing at our facilities, for large-scale producers and/or those planning to scale up. Due to new regulations amendments and highlighted limitations hemp farmers are now facing in Spain, The Hemp Clinic can now help Spanish farmers to obtain the final product they always wanted by processing the plants at our facilities.



Hemp Farmers/Brokers sends the COA for the hemp biomass to info@thehempclinic.net.

Hemp Farmer and The Hemp Clinic agree on final deliverables and date is scheduled for delivery.

The Hemp Clinic sends our agreement and invoice to the customer.

Customer sends initial 25% deposit.

Farmers delivers the harvested and dried biomass hemp to The Hemp Clinic's clean, dry, safe and secure processing facilities.

The Hemp Clinic processes the hemp biomass to the clients request as agreed.

The Hemp Clinic sends a sample of the finished product for 3rd party analysis.

The Hemp Clinic shares the 3rd party analysis with the customer.

Customers pays the remaining balance.

The finished product is collected by the customer.

Our Services

Flower separation

Specific shred for CBD products 


GMP Medical use

European leaders

A leader must open new frontiers. At The Hemp Clinic the constant research, development and innovation not only lead to the continuous improvement of our cannabis and industrial hemp equipment and facilities but enable us to offer the service that our customers require.

Quality control
In-house lab technicians

Our GMP equipment for medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp offer maximum performance and quality, as well as large industrial producers. Our machines are manufactured in Europe with the most stringent quality controls, enabling us to provide the service of trimming, bucking and deseeding of cannabis flowers.

3rd party analysis

Fundación Canna Laboratories

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All our equipment are certified for contact with food products. Thus, the flowers maintain their natural state, without being contaminated.

A member of our team will be happy to assist you with your required needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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