Product packaging

We package your hemp flowers

We can process your hemp plants and deliver a final quality product of your choice. We can also supply the hemp for your needs.

We can design the labels for you or alternatively you can use your own design. Make the most out of your crop and we will help you with all the processing and packaging needs.

GMP certified facilities.


Best quality recycled plastic in the market.

We only use high quality food grade materials for our packaging. We make sure your product reaches you with all its full terpenes and aroma by using an air tight lid.

Diffrent sizes

We have a selection of high quality containers ranging from 30 mil to 1000 mil

Let us know what type of container size you want for your hemp flowers, the type of lid you want for your container and send us your label design. We can also label them as The Hemp Clinic products.

Prices for our services are as follows:

1) Processing your hemp plants and return vacuumed packed in 150 kg bags or as requested by client, 40 euros per kilo.

2) Packaging the flowers in each container of your choice and labelled, ''finished product'', 3 euros per container.

3) Label design for 90 euros.

GMP equipment and manual hand work is required in this process

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