Medical Cannabis Patients Survey 2018


The Hemp Clinic supports for medical cannabis patients in the Gibraltar suffering from a range of conditions all of whom find that various types and strengths of cannabis consumed in a variety of ways is a more effective medicine than their prescribed alternatives in treating their symptoms whilst reducing unwanted side-effects.

This survey is for people who consume cannabis, cannabis products or cannabis derivatives to treat or alleviate one or more physical or mental health condition. It will be administered by the Hemp Clinic and responses will be treated in the strictest confidence. Results from this survey will be used to inform future policy.

No Personally Identifiable Information will be shared with ANY 3rd Party. Our Data Protection Policy can be accessed from here:

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How to fill in the Medical Cannabis Patient Questionnaire
This is both a unique and fantastic opportunity for the voices of people who consume cannabis as a medicine to be heard, recorded and help to drive the right future policies.

Please take the time to think through your answers and try to make them as complete as possible. Try as much as you can to stick to facts over opinion.

Name/Email: This information is optional; however without them the data will be considered less credible and may be referred to but not included in final reports. If this information is available then there is the opportunity to be selected for interview or to give personal testimony

Location: For the purpose of location statistics and MP Constituency data

Age: Round to the nearest year

Free Text Questions:
Please note the following whilst filling in these questions:

• Please give all pertinent information in a concise but detailed way
• This information will be read/analysed by people knowledgeable about the subject
• Please give dates and dosage information about all medicines (prescription/cannabis)

You will need to complete the form in one visit.

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