What Is Hemp?


Hemp is a plant that actually comes from the same family as the marijuana plant. Foods and supplements that contain hemp generally contain the seeds (sometimes known as “hemp hearts” when the shell is removed) from the hemp plant.

Isn’t Hemp Used To Make Materials?


Hemp has many uses that aren’t health related. The plant can be used to make clothing, biofuels and even construction materials. It is an incredibly versatile plant. Many of its products are considered more environmentally friendly than their commonplace substitutes.

What’s So Great about Eating Hemp?


Hemp seeds are actually something of a superfood seed, packed with nutritional benefits. They are a rich source of fatty acids. If you are looking for sources of omega 3 and 6, hemp seeds are a great option. This is particularly true for vegans, vegetarians or just those that aren’t fans of oily fish.


Consuming hemp also gives you a good dose of Vitamin E. This vitamin is especially good for skin, giving you a youthful glow. You can actually maximise this effect by using hemp oil. This product is designed to be rubbed into the skin, so your body can soak in the health benefits. The oil from hemp plants is used in homoeopathic and eastern medicines. It is sometimes used to treat conditions such as eczema.


Hemp seed consumption has also been linked with easing symptoms of PMS. So for women that struggle to stay consistent with their workouts throughout the month, this could be very helpful.
Studies have also linked consumption of hemp seeds with reduced risk of heart disease. Hemp has properties that reduce inflammation within the body as well as lowering blood pressure.
When the shell is left on, hemp seeds are a great source of fibre. This makes them a great digestion aid. Fibre also helps to regulate the sugar in the blood, helping you stay consistent as you work out. Note though that without the shell there is little fibre content in hemp seeds.

Hemp Is A Protein Powerhouse


Hemp is great for muscle building and recovery. Around 25% of a seed’s calorie content is protein. This is much higher than more fashionable seeds chia and flaxseeds. With its slightly nutty taste, hemp seeds go well with other meat free sources of protein, including almonds, walnuts and peanuts.

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