In 2016, The Hemp Clinic began with just a handful of seeds, and a very big dream. The dream was to create a whole new industry based on hemp. 

There are no limits to the uses for hemp when you have vision but the most important is its medical use.

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John Charles and Jeremy embarked on a journey through their passion for health and well-being, which for them started with Hemp.

They then established The Hemp Clinic and set about growing hemp crops to create awareness about hemp and all of its many amazing health benefits. They began growing seed stocks and diligently expanding to working on the processing equipment. 

They worked with farmers and suppliers worldwide to offer the best quality EU Certified Organic Hemp, oils and cosmetic products which supported their growing efforts.

The Hemp Clinic now based in Gibraltar alongside its hubs in Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom has held a long time ambition that Medicinal Cannabis should be allowed to grow the economy and alleviate illness.

The Hemp Clinic is now cultivating GMP Medicinal Cannabis alongside its Partners in Portugal, the indoor facilities are GMP certified by the Portuguese authorities INFARMED.

Most of their 2022 Medicinal Cannabis crop will be exported to Israeli Pharmaceuticals.

We are members of The Royal Society of Medicine

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